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Did you know that over 90% of Website visitors leave without taking any action? Do you want them to come back to your site?  MicroAd is the answer.  Our retargeting technology reminds them of your product with personalized ad and hook them back to the page they left. Over 6000 companies choose MicroAd. Start your FREE trial now.

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MicroAd BLADE is a leading DSP in Asia

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MicroAd BLADE, a platform for managing multiple ad exchange markets, comprises a massive network. For that reason, the number of ad spaces where advertisements can be transmitted is drastically larger than traditional systems.

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MicroAd possesses one of Japan's largest amounts of audience data. Through highly precise targeting, advertisements are transmitted to the ad spaces—which are plentiful across the Internet—for which the greatest advertising effects can be expected.

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MicroAd BLADE maximizes cost per action (CPA). It can be used to automatically adjust serving media and bidding price so that you can achieve the target CPA you set.

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More than 6,000 clients in variety of industries have been utilizing MicroAd DSP